Satisfy your Nosatsu (aka. Charming) Junkie obsession<3

Created by Ryoko Fukuyama, Nosatsu Junkie follows the story of two models... Naka Kaburagi has all the qualities a model can have. Well, not really all. After being dumped by her senpai because she can't smile like a flower and has a scary face, Naka is determined to get her revenge and to show her senpai that she can smile like a flower just like his female idol Umi Kajiwara. After failing her 19th audition, Naka accidentally bumps into the great Umi, but wait.....what is this!? Umi is a MALE!!? To keep Naka's mouth shut, Umi gives her the job as his co-model. Always being together and sharing a dark secret, Naka's road to successful modeling has a lot of troubles to come, especially when Naka and Umi started to feel funny whenever they are by each other's side.

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